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When we talk about shaving, then people assume electric shavers cannot provide better shaving experience to unless you choose the best electric shaver in the market. Indeed, you should choose a good quality shaver to get a clean and better shave, but that is not the only need for same. There are some ground rules to get the best from electric shaver, and if you can follow those rules, then you can get the extra ordinary result as well. For your reference, here we are sharing 5 rules that you should know to get the best outcome with this shaving method.

Do the preparation: If you are using a wet and dry shaver such as Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, then it can offer great result to you. If that is not the case, then also you need to make your beard free from the beard and natural oil from the skin. You can use a pre electric shave product for that, and it will offer close shave to you without any irritation on your skin.

Hold it at right angles: To shave better with your electric shaver, it is important that you keep the razor to the right angle of your face. You can pull your skin with your other hand to offer maximum contact area to your skin. This will reduce the time of shaving, and it will give close shave to you. In case, you are using foil shaver it works best with back and forth motion, and if it is a rotary shaver, it will work great with circular motion.

Start with the sensitive area: Electric shavers generate some heat after few minutes of uses, and that is why you should start with the sensitive area to avoid any burn of heat feeling. You can start with the neck, and you can avoid going to the same spot at a later time. This precaution will offer a better shaving experience to you without worrying about any irritation.

Keep it maintained: Electric shavers are electrical equipment that you use on a daily basis. If you do not maintain it regularly, then it will have various complications in it, and it will be extremly hard for you to get the best outcome with it. If you are using the same razor for a long time, then you should replace its razor or foil in a year. This simple action can help you get a closer shave in less time without any irrigation.

Give some time to it: If you are new to electric shaving, then you need to give some time to it before making your final opinion. You may buy the Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor which is the best electric shaver available in the market, but if you do not know how to use it, then you will not get any good results. Therefore, you should give some time to it, and you should make your final opinion after few weeks. In few weeks you will get familiar with it, and you will be able to get the best outcome as well.

So, if you have any complaint about your electric shaver, then evaluate your shaving method. If you are not following these five rules, then change your habit, and in no time you will end up having a positive opinion for same. Needless to say, it will give you many other benefits as well such as faster shaving and more freedom.